Skin Care


Skin Care

Mirrors offers a wide range of skin care treatments for women, men and teens, meeting their diverse needs. At Mirrors, we specialize in user-friendly, scientific skin care which makes use of the best skin care products from across the globe along with the latest skin care discoveries – forming an award winning service bouquet.

A leading team of experts analyse the skin type and offer specialty facial treatments utilizing state-of-the-art skin care equipment and technology. Be it oily/acne-prone, clogged, sensitive, dehydrated, aging, vigorous or delicate skin, specialized estheticians at Mirrors offer services you need for the health and beauty of your skin – all in a luxurious setting. An assortment of beauty packs, special techniques for various skin therapies and a host of special world class certified materials are specifically chosen to achieve skin care goals in maximum comfort. In circumstances where special skin and hair therapies are required in-house dermatologists render specialized services.


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